Office of the President

Ivo H. Daalder

Sarah Kowalczyk
Executive Assistant to the President

Jenny Cizner
Chief Operating Officer

Patrick Hernandez
Events Officer

Sarah Jaffe
Events and Travel Officer

Matthew Porter
Director, Events

Kelhan Martin
Production and Logistics Officer

Carrie McAlpin        
Assistant Director, Events

Rachael Mizuno
Director, Next Generation

Brittany McGhee
Assistant Director, Next Generation

Jennifer Petersen
Assistant Director, Next Generation


Jonathan Macha        
Managing Director, Programs

Matthew Abbott
Director, Government and Diplomatic Programs

Bridget Brogan
Program Officer/Special Assistant to the Vice Chairman and Distinguished Fellows

Kyra Dahring
Program Coordinator

Karin Larson
Program Officer

Madeleine Nicholson
Program Officer

Tria Raimundo  
Director, Global Development Programs

Perri Sheinbaum
Program Officer

Vanessa Vardon
Director, Chicago Forum on Global Cities

Iain Whitaker          
Director, Strategic Content

Victoria Williams
Program Officer


Brian Hanson
Vice President, Studies

Jody Oetzel
Special Assistant

Bridget Brogan
Program Officer/Special Assistant to the Vice Chairman and Distinguished Fellows

Karl Friedhoff
Fellow, Public Opinion and Asia Policy

Brendan Helm
Research Assistant

Alexander Hitch
Research Associate

Craig Kafura
Assistant Director, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy

Juliana Kerr       
Director, Global Cities

Samuel Kling
ACLS/Mellon Public Fellow

Dina Smeltz        
Senior Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy

Ana Teasdale
Director, Foundation Relations

Global Food and Agriculture Program

Jody Oetzel
Special Assistant

Grace Burton 
Director, Government Relations

Katelyn Jones
ACLS/Mellon Public Fellow

Vanessa M. Taylor
Assistant Director, Global Food and Agriculture Program

Roger Thurow  
Senior Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture Program

Julia Whiting
Research Associate


Hope Alafogianis
Special Assistant

Kayla DeSouza
Membership Coordinator

Julia Kittle Hynes
Director, Corporate Relations

Susan Kahan
Director, Major Gifts

Katie McCroskey
Corporate Relations Coordinator

Karrie Miner
Assistant Director, Major Gifts

Andrea Montoya
Assistant Director, Corporate Relations

Elizabeth Turcza
Individual Giving Officer


Samantha Skinner Monroe
Managing Director, Communications

Amber Alvarado
Social Media Officer

Brittany Broaders
Digital Creative Officer

John Cookson
Research and Digital Content Officer

Ellen Janowski
Assistant Director, Digital Marketing and Analytics

Molly Meyer
Assistant Director, Digital Content and Media

Kara O'Keefe
Assistant Director, Digital Marketing and Design

Ashley Powers
Digital Platforms and Projects Manager

Claire Schmig
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Finance and Administration

Robert G. Cordes
Vice President, Finance and Administration

Hope Alafogianis
Special Assistant

Shane Carey
Database Services Officer
Shana Chandler
Senior Bookkeeper
Claudette Lexsee
Director, Accounting
Roz Roberts         
Director, Database Services

Janey Schachte
Reception and Office Coordinator