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We will live stream the Washington, DC, release event from the W Hotel at 12 noon EDT. 


You can also watch it here on the Council's website:

Key Accounts

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs @ChicagoCouncil, Facebook, LinkedIn

POLITICO @politico, Facebook, LinkedIn

Ivo Daalder; President, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs  @IvoHDaalder

Susan Glasser; Editor, POLITICO  @sbg1

Dina Smeltz; Senior Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs  @RoguePollster

Michael Crowley; Senior Foreign Correspondent, POLITICO  @michaelcrowley

Craig Kafura; Research Associate, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs  @ckafura

Karl Friedhoff; Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs  @KarlFriedhoff

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For more than 4 decades, the @ChicagoCouncil has polled the US public on #foreignpolicy. See the 2015 data: #2015CCS

New @ChicagoCouncil Survey → Across party lines, majorities favor an active US role in world affairs: #2015CCS

Nearly 8 in 10 Dems support citizenship path for illegal immigrants. How about GOP? @ChicagoCouncil survey: #2015CCS

#climatechange is the most polarizing issue in American public opinion, acc. to new @ChicagoCouncil survey: #2015CCS

53% of Republicans support sending troops into Iran if #IranDeal is violated. Read more via @ChicagoCouncil→ #2015CCS

81% of Dems favor diplomacy for achieving US foreign policy goals, according to new @ChicagoCouncil survey → #2015CCS

View cyberattacks on US as critical threat: 71% Dems; 68% Reps; 67% Indep; Via @ChicagoCouncil #2015CCS Learn more:

While 6 in 10 Dems label #climatechange critical threat, no more than 2 in 10 Repubs feel the same. Source: #2015CCS

.@ChicagoCouncil Survey → 80% of US public thinks military superiority = effective for US foreign policy. #2015CCS

Public concern about Islamic fundamentalism has increased 15% since 2014, says new @ChicagoCouncil survey: #2015CCS

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