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About the program

The aim of the Koldyke Global Teachers Program is to strengthen the global competency of the selected teachers, to increase the global citizenship of the school communities involved with the project, and to share best practices among global educators. Key learnings will be shared with the educator community in the Chicago and the surrounding region.

The program will include access to Council events throughout the year, roundtable sessions on global competency resources, an international travel and study experience covered by a stipend of up to $5,000 per teacher, and a public program hosted by the Council in the 2020-2021 school year.

All Council public programs will be available to the teachers and schools throughout the academic year. In addition, specialized opportunities will be available throughout the year, including access to special Council briefings and dinners.

The ideal teacher candidate should be:

  • A self-starter, aiming to increase global competency in their high school classroom
  • Able to make a positive impact in their school communities
  • Passionate about improving global education
  • Committed to the yearlong program and attend all meetings and events 
  • Committed to creating a template presentation about their experience in addition to a project, product, or outcome that can be shared with other educators
  • Able to attend a Council program with students, as applicable

Program History

Patricia Blunt and Martin J. ("Mike") Koldyke established the Koldyke Global Teachers Program in 2016 to increase the global competency of the selected teachers, increase the global citizenship of their school communities, and share best practices and key experiences among Chicago’s high school educators. From 2016 to 2013, the Koldykes supported the Patricia Blunt Koldyke Fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship, which recognized emerging leaders transforming society through innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. Pat Koldyke has spent years furthering awareness and understanding of international affairs in Chicago and the Midwest and is particularly interested in public education and youth leadership.

In memory of Patricia B. Koldyke (1936-2019)

Mike and Patricia KoldykePat was passionate about public education, youth leadership, and global affairs. For more than 34 years she served as a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ Board of Directors, and most recently as an Honorary Life Director. For over a decade the Koldyke Fellowship, founded by Pat and Mike in 2007, has continued to make an impact in recognizing social entrepreneurship and innovation. In 2009, Pat joined Shirley Welsh Ryan as Honorary Chairs to establish the Women and Global Development Forum. And in 2016, Pat and Mike again led the way at the Council and founded The Koldyke Global Teachers Program, which aimed to increase the global competency of Chicago-based teachers and to grow global citizenship programs in the school communities involved with the project. Pat’s legacy will live on through the lasting difference she has made in the lives of so many Chicago students, teachers, and communities.

A group of Koldyke Teachers on stage during a Council event
Past Koldyke Teachers Participants in the program have included teachers from across the Chicagoland area, from a variety of backgrounds and subject matters.