Survey: Democrats and Republicans Divided on Critical Threats and Foreign Policy

Results of the 2020 Chicago Council Survey, released today, reveal a striking divide between Democrats and Republicans on the critical threats facing the country and preferred US foreign policy approaches. Democrats see global challenges such as COVID-19 and climate change as the most threatening and favor an internationalist, cooperative approach to foreign policy. In contrast, Republicans regard traditional security challenges such as China’s rise and international terrorism as the biggest threats facing the country, and they prefer a more nationalist, self-reliant foreign policy.

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Most Americans Want More Global Engagement

"The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of life for Americans. But it hasn’t turned them away from the world," Council President Ivo Daalder writes in the Chicago Tribune on the 2020 Chicago Council Survey. "To the contrary, most Americans continue to believe that their security and prosperity are best served by remaining active in the world and working with others, especially our allies, to overcome global problems."

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Listen: There’s Still Hope for Ending Hunger

An unprecedented hunger crisis is looming as the world grapples with COVID-19, the global economic downturn, stark inequality, and fractured political relationships. But 10 years after the launch of the US government’s Feed the Future program, USAID’s Jim Barnhart joins Deep Dish to explain why there’s still hope for eradicating hunger within this generation.

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LIVE STREAM: Decoupling or Recoupling US-China Relations

Which direction should the United States take in its relationship with China over the next decade and what economic, military, and technological considerations will drive policymaking?

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LIVE STREAM: Decoupling or Recoupling US-China Relations

Public Opinion

Poll Finds Bipartisan Consensus on Sanctioning China Over Human Rights Abuses

"There is widespread support across party lines for sanctions to combat China's human rights violations, as well as measures to protect Americans from the potential risks of Chinese technology," Axios reports citing the 2020 Chicago Council Survey. "But the gap between Republicans and Democrats widens on trade issues, with more Republicans supporting policies that reduce overall trade. And when it comes to policies that would keep Chinese students and scientists out of the U.S., the gap is dramatic — few Democrats expressed support, compared to a majority of Republicans."

Global Cities

The Right to the Shoreline: Race, Exclusion, and Public Beaches in Metropolitan Chicago

"Beach access restrictions in Chicago perpetuate and exacerbate inequality along racial, economic, and geographic lines," the Council's Sam Kling writes in a new report. "As Lake Michigan’s water levels become more volatile, these restrictions are likely to intensify inequality in access to public shoreline. But the growing role of federal and state money in combatting erosion and flooding offers an opportunity to mandate local governments make their beaches more open and equitable."

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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how people live and work in cities and deepened racial, social, and economic inequities. Join the Council, the Financial Times, and global leaders for a discussion on how local governments must adapt.

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