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We Need Vaccines to Protect Our Food Crops, Too

Global Food for Thought by Diana Horvath

In the battle between pathogen and host—whether a human or food crop—it’s often a deadly race to see who wins.

Wheat rust
Kansas State University
Food and Agriculture

Council Congratulates the World Food Programme for Nobel Prize

Video Series
Featured Video

The World Food Programme received the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for combating hunger and contributing to peace in conflict-affected areas.

Children in Sierra Leone
Annie Spratt
Food and Agriculture


New Solutions for a Changing Climate

Policy Brief by Molly Jahn

The government must recognize investment opportunities in US agricultural research and development in order to address current and future climate challenges.

A female farmer plants transplants at a farm in Pennsylvania
Zoe Schaeffer
Food and Agriculture

Considering a Soil Initiative for Africa

Policy Brief

This paper diagnoses the challenges faced by governments, international organizations and research institutions in mitigating and reversing the decline of soil quality in Africa.

Workers unload a truck of harvested cassava roots.
Food and Agriculture


Sanjeev Asthana 

Nonresident Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture
Council expert Sanjeev Asthana

Doug Bereuter 

Distinguished Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture Program
Council expert Doug Bereuter