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Past Events

Making Hunger a Priority in America


Learn what’s next for The Farmers to Families Food Box, a $15 billion food assistance program designed to address domestic hunger and equitably support producers.

Boxes of food are packed on a pallet waiting to be delivered to families as rural hunger rises due to COVID-19, in Manitowoc, WI
Reuters/Gabriela Bhaskar

Reimagining Supply Chains to Navigate a Pandemic and Beyond


Experts from Blue Yonder, Walgreens, and the University of Chicago examine how the private sector can prepare for future supply chain shocks and adjust to a rapidly changing landscape.

A UPS employee uses a lift to access supplies in a storage facility

Commentary & Analysis

School Feeding: A Path to Recovery and a Better Future

Global Food for Thought by Arlene Mitchell

The Global Child Nutrition Foundation shares key insights into the impact of school meal programs, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has put children at nutritional risk.

Children in school in Ethiopia eat a meal.
Global Child Nutrition Foundation
Food and Agriculture

Memo to the UN: Time to Drain the Food Swamp

Global Food for Thought by Robert Paarlberg

Robert Paarlberg challenges the UN to look beyond food access to food excess and the health issues that accompany it.

Produce at a Grocery store
MN Pollution Control Agency
Food and Agriculture


Centering Global Food Security for Global Prosperity

Report by Coauthors

Catherine Bertini and Ertharin Cousin are co-leads on a paper offering the Biden Administration recommendations for the US government to build on a strong foundation of food and nutrition security programs to alleviate global hunger and malnutrition.

Vegetables are displayed for sale at a stand at Surquillo market in Lima, Peru.
Food and Agriculture

Farmers on the Front Line: Agriculture's Role in Fighting Climate Change


Climate change is wreaking havoc on agriculture and food security both in the US and abroad. In collaboration with the Farm Journal Foundation, the Council provides recommendations that are targeted both domestically and internationally.

Food and Agriculture


Sanjeev Asthana 

Nonresident Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture
Council expert Sanjeev Asthana

Doug Bereuter 

Distinguished Fellow, Center on Global Food and Agriculture
Council expert Doug Bereuter