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Past Events

Global Food Security Symposium 2022

Global Food Security Symposium

Leading experts discussed action needed to meet unprecedented global food security crises arising from climate change, the pandemic, and conflict.

Three women harvest vegetation in a field in India.

Life Lessons from Congress, the Farm, and the Movies, with Dan Glickman


The former US Secretary of Agriculture discusses the principles that shaped his remarkable career and how they could be an antidote to America’s divisive politics.

Book cover with illustration of Dan Glickman
University of Kansas Press

Commentary & Analysis

The Spiraling Global Food Crisis and Russia's War

Deep Dish Podcast

How has Russia's invasion of Ukraine upended the global food system? Food security experts Ertharin Cousin and Teresa Welsh discuss.

Ukrainian farmer, wearing body armour and helmet, works at the topsoil in a field, amid Russia's invasion of Ukrain
Food and Agriculture

Food Prices, Hunger on the Rise around the World Amid War in Ukraine

In the News
Ertharin Cousin

Ertharin Cousin calls food insecurity being caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine "a tipping point into what could potentially become a perfect storm."

Ertharin Cousin speaks with Newsy on the rising food prices seen across the world.
Food and Agriculture


The Case for Inclusive Agricultural Development

Policy Brief by Coauthors

Amid shifts towards inclusive agricultural development, the Center for Global Food and Agriculture offers policy recommendations for further US government action.

Gorreti Ndagire (center) counts money during a Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) group meeting in Katoosi village, Ddwaniro subcounty, Rakai district, Uganda.
Catholic Relief Services/Will Baxter
Food and Agriculture

US Commitments in Nutrition and Health for a Better Future

Report by Coauthors

The United States has made big pledges for global nutrition. Our white paper offers recommendations to turn commitments into action.

Fruit on a table photographed from above.
Food and Agriculture


Sanjeev Asthana 

Nonresident Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture
Council expert Sanjeev Asthana

Doug Bereuter 

Distinguished Fellow, Center on Global Food and Agriculture
Council expert Doug Bereuter