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Why Private Sector Sustainability Is Critical for the SDGs

Deep Dish Podcast

BP's Trine Mong and McDonald's Francesca DeBiase join Deep Dish to explain how their companies are making strides towards sustainability to support the SDGs and revolutionize their industries.

A field with renewable windmills.
Global Economy, Trade and Business

Will the Biggest Oil Deal in History Work

Deep Dish Podcast

Charlotte Howard joins Deep Dish to explain the implications of the latest OPEC+ agreement and how it could affect the future of oil in the United States and beyond.

A pump jack in an oil field.


New Solutions for a Changing Climate

Policy Brief by Molly Jahn

The government must recognize investment opportunities in US agricultural research and development in order to address current and future climate challenges.

A female farmer plants transplants at a farm in Pennsylvania
Zoe Schaeffer
Food and Agriculture

Americans Expecting a Power Shift in Energy Supply in Next 10 Years

Public Opinion Survey by Multiple Authors

Americans clearly lean toward cleaner methods of powering the country and expect renewable sources will overtake fossil fuels as the primary US energy sources in the next 10 years.

View of buildings on the Chicago River.
Public Opinion


Stephen Brick 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Climate and Energy
Council expert Stephen Brick