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Named Lectures and Series


Aon Lecture on Asian Economies
This lecture was established to promote an understanding of Asian economies in international financial markets and to provide a public forum for Chicagoans to hear directly from high-level Asian economic experts.

CME Group Lecture on Global Financial Markets

This annual lecture, supported by the CME Group, promotes understanding of the role of markets in the aftermath of the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Prominent economists and experts on market dynamics speak about the changed global economy, where new regulatory schemes are being introduced, economic power is shifting toward Asia, governments are weighing exit strategies from stimulus programs, and G20 nations are working to overcome global imbalances.

Gus Hart Lecture

The Hart Family established this annual lecture and the Gus Hart Fellowship to honor Agustin S. Hart, former chairman of The Chicago Council and long-time board member, who had a livelong interest in Latin America. Each year the Gus Hart Fellow, a prominent Latin American leader, delivers a major public address and offers insights on the political, economic, and social development of the region and its role in the world. 

Patricia Blunt Koldyke Lecture

Each year the Koldyke Fellow culminates a week spent in Chicago, meeting with civic, government, business, and academic leaders, by delivering the annual Patricia Blunt Koldyke Lecture. The Koldyke family funds the Patricia Blunt Koldyke Fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship to recognize individuals between the ages of thirty and forty-five who are working to transform society through innovative solutions to pressing educational problems and inadequacies.

Dr. Scholl Foundation Lecture on U.S.-China Relations

This annual lecture, supported by the Dr. Scholl Foundation, acknowledges China’s increasing importance on the global stage and the growing connections between China, Chicago, the greater Midwest, and the United States. Each year a high-level, well respected American or Chinese policymaker, government official, or thought leader delivers a major public address on key foreign policy issues affecting U.S.-China relations. 

Louis B. Susman Distinguished Lecture on Transatlantic Relations
This lecture, established in honor of The Honorable Louis B. Susman, former ambassador of the United States to the Court of St. James’s, provides an overview of the special relationship between the United States and Europe, with an emphasis on diplomacy as well as on US-UK relations.

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