2011 Progress Report on U.S. Leadership in Global Agricultural Development

The 2011 Progress Report on U.S. Leadership in Global Agricultural Development documents the degree to which the Administration and Congress have made progress in achieving the changes in U.S. government policy that were recommended in The Chicago Council’s 2009 report Renewing American Leadership in the Fight Against Global Hunger and Poverty. It is the first of several annual reports intended to monitor the pursuit of long-term national goals, whose results will be seen in the future stability and prosperity of today’s food-security hot spots.

Policy and institutional changes in pursuit of those goals were graded by Chicago Council staff after reviewing reports and official documents and interviewing agency personnel and observers. It must be underscored that this report assesses only policy development, implementation, and related organizational change, not the actual impact of U.S. agricultural policy on the ground in the targeted regions and countries.

The 2011 Progress Report shows that the U.S. is indeed exerting stronger leadership in global agricultural development, with positive changes since 2008 in the directions recommended by The Chicago Council. Improvements consist mainly of building partnerships and making organizational changes to improve the efficiency of new investments. U.S. government institutions have been significantly reoriented and restructured to deliver more effective agricultural development programming.

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