Plurality of Americans Think U.S. Government Neglecting Action on Climate Change


The summer of 2012 brought record levels of heat across the nation, and several polls conducted during the season suggest an increase in the percentage of Americans who believe the temperature swings are linked to global warming. While climate change was barely touched upon during the 2012 election debates, the 2012 Chicago Council Survey finds that nearly half of Americans think the government is not doing enough to limit climate change.

The survey brief includes detailed findings on the following points:

  • A plurality of Americans (45%) think the U.S. Government is not doing enough on climate change.
  • Only a minority of Americans (38%) are convinced of scientific consensus on climate change.
  • Unlike many foreign policy issues, there are sharp partisan divides on climate change topics, with Democrats and Independents more concerned about climate issues than Republicans.

Americans' Views on Climate Change (PDF)

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