World Public Opinion 2007: Climate Change


Climate change is a widespread problem, however, divides over whether the problem of global warming is urgent enough to require immediate, costly measures or whether more modest efforts are sufficient, according to the majority countries polled in the climate change poll in the 2006 Public Opinion Survey.
While majorities in all countries agree that the threat posed by global warming is at least important, there is less agreement over whether it is critical. Majorities call it critical in Mexico (70%), Australia (69%), South Korea (67%), Iran (61%), Israel (52%) and India (51%).

This sub-survey was conducted in 2006 by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and, in cooperation with polling organizations around the world and released an international poll on March 14, 2007. Ultimately, polling was conducted in 18 countries and the Palestinian Territories. The countries and research organizations are listed below. These include roughly 56% of the world population. Since resources varied, not all questions were asked in all countries.

The surveys were conducted in nineteen countries and territories by the following research institutions: Graciela Römer y Asociados (Argentina); Armenian Center for National and International Studies (Armenia); Lowy Institute/Market Focus International (Australia); The Chicago Council on Global Affairs/GlobeScan (China); Efficience 3 (France); The Chicago Council on Global Affairs/GlobeScan (India); Lowy Institute/Deka Marketing Research (Indonesia); (Iran); Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research (Israel); Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE)/Mexican Council of Foreign Relations (COMEXI) (Mexico); Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (Palestinian Territories); Grupo de Opinion Publica (Peru); Social Weather Stations (Philippines); CBOS (Poland); Levada Center (Russia); East Asia Institute/ Hankook Research Company (South Korea); ABAC Poll Research Center (Thailand); Kiev International Institute of Sociology (Ukraine); and The Chicago Council on Global Affairs/Knowledge Networks (United States).

Report on Climate Change (PDF)

Questionnaire (PDF) 


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