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The following were published as part of The Chicago Council's Global Midwest Initiative. Global Midwest Policy Briefs, concise five-page documents that frame and analyze pressing issues facing the Midwest in a global era and offer recommendations for how best to move forward. Chicago Council Senior Fellow Richard C. Longworth served as editor-in-chief of the Policy Briefs. Longworth also is author of The Midwesterner blog. Heartland Papers are a monograph series of in-depth reports devoted to addressing issues that are vital to the future of the Midwest as it transitions from its industrial past. Authors are experts from academia, business, civic organizations, government, journalism, and think tanks. The views expressed are those of the author and not those of The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

The Midwesterner Blog

The Midwesterner
, a blog authored by Chicago Council Senior Fellow Richard C. Longworth, promotes interstate dialogue and serves as a resource for those interested in the Midwest's ability to navigate today's global landscape.

Global Midwest Policy Briefs

High-Speed Rail for the MidwestGlobal Midwest Policy Brief9/26/2011 

The Midwest’s Liquid GoldGlobal Midwest Policy Brief9/1/2010 

A Venture Capital Strategy for the Great LakesGlobal Midwest Policy Brief3/9/2010 

Climate and Energy – The Midwestern StakeGlobal Midwest Policy Brief9/30/2009 

Michigan – The 'Car Capital' as Crucible of Midwest Economic TransformationGlobal Midwest Policy Brief6/17/2009 

A Midwestern Marshall Plan? Well, Sort OfGlobal Midwest Policy Brief3/10/2009 

Heartland Papers

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