Richard S. Williamson Article "Egyptian Raids Seek to Halt Freedom’s March" in The American


Ambassador Richard S. Williamson, the Council's senior fellow on multilateral institutions, wrote a piece, "Egyptian Raids Seek to Halt Freedom’s March," on the spate of unrest in Egypt since November in the January 5 issue of The American.

Williamson contends moving from "authoritarianism to a free democracy is neither quick nor easy," and the United States "cannot determine the pace of freedom’s march, but America can peacefully and constructively help those seeking liberty around the world."

Richard S. Williamson joined The Chicago Council on Global Affairs as a senior fellow for multilateral institutions in July 2010. Williamson, who served as ambassador to the United Nations and special envoy to Sudan, comes to the Council with extensive international policy and diplomatic experience, including positions as a political advisor, lawyer, author, and professor. As a Chicago Council senior fellow, Williamson is developing a project examining how changes in the balance of power, such as the rise of China, will affect the efficacy of international institutions, and offer recommendations for how the U.S. should respond. He has served as an ambassador and U.S. representative in several capacities to the United Nations, as an assistant secretary of State, and as assistant to the president for intergovernmental affairs in the White House for President Ronald Reagan .Reagan's first term, Williamson served as the U.S. permanent representative to the UN offices in Vienna, Austria, and he finished Reagan's second term as assistant secretary of state for international organization affairs in charge of America's U.N. policy.



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