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Xi and His China: The Third Revolution?

Elizabeth Economy examined XI’s leadership, how he will influence the Chinese state in the coming years, and the changes to the Party’s structure that might be around the corner.
Elizabeth Economy
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Mao, Deng, and now Xi. At the Communist Party Congress in October2017, Xi Jinping's name was written into the Chinese Constitution, signaling his—and his ideology's—centrality to the country’s national identity. As he embarks upon his second term, the country is expected to favor Xi’s approach to greater state and Party control over wide areas of domestic policy. At the same time, Xi's China has been seizing opportunities to reshape global leadership as the United States turns more inward-looking. How can the country reconcile its curtailing of domestic liberalization with the vision of openness and cooperation it projects internationally? How will Xi shape the Chinese state in the coming years, and what changes to the Party's structure might be around the corner?

About the Speakers
Elizabeth Economy
Director for Asia Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
Elizabeth Economy is the CV Starr senior fellow and director for Asia studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.