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US-China Conflict: From Trade War to Cold War?

Stephen Roach, a leading voice on the economic codependency between the US and China, discussed how the countries' relationship impacts the world and what could resolve our economic standoff.
Stephen Roach
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The US and China trade dispute – along with Presidents Trump and Xi – are at a stalemate. The effects of this escalating trade war and lack of meaningful progress towards a substantive deal have reverberated throughout the global economy. Conflict between the world’s two largest economies has potentially grave consequences for the global economy, world financial markets, and the entire international economic system. From globalization and capital markets to global trade and innovation policy, Stephen Roach is a leading voice on the economic codependency between the United States and China and how this relationship impacts the world at large. Join us as he discusses what might help resolve this existential economic standoff. 

About the Speakers
Stephen Roach
Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute of Global Affairs, Yale University; Former Chairman, Morgan Stanley Asia