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Maritime Competition and America's Global Order

Council President’s Club and leadership members are invited to meet with Director of Navy Strategy, Bruce Stubbs, on the Tri-Service Maritime Strategy and its global impact.
South Korean naval destroyers sail with the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson
Bruce Stubbs
Michele Lowe
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About This Event

China and Russia’s rising maritime aggression and military growth could threaten America’s interests, alliances, and the global order within the next decade. To maintain free and open seas, the United States Navy’s Tri-Service Maritime Strategy, known as Advantage at Sea, strives to modernize and innovate to meet these threats—but will it be enough, and in time, for America to keep up? Director of Navy Strategy Bruce Stubbs joins Council President’s Club and leadership members to discuss global security trends, challenges at sea, and how the US Navy is transforming for the future.

About the Speakers
Bruce Stubbs
Director of Navy Strategy and Strategic Concepts, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
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In his current role, Bruce Stubbs produces Navy and maritime strategies to align with emerging security trends and national guidance. He also served as the deputy under secretary of the Navy (Acting) advising the secretary of the Navy and the under secretary of the Navy on national security, foreign policy, and intelligence issues.
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Michele Lowe
Former US Navy Federal Executive Fellow
Council expert Michele Lowe
Michele Lowe is the former US Navy Federal Executive Fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. She's served onboard two destroyers, holds degrees in physics and international relations, spent nearly ten years at sea, earned multiple military decorations, and planned and executed the first Marine Expeditionary Force at-sea exercise Dawn Blitz.
Council expert Michele Lowe
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