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Global Economy, Trade and Business

Tackling Inequality by Investing in Infrastructure

Alexander Hitch

By investing in infrastructure, the US can prepare communities to participate in a changing economy, increase access to opportunity, and address challenges highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

highway infrastructure
Miguel Ángel Sanz
Global Cities

From End-Users to Policy Designers: Breaking Open the Black Box of Energy Technocracy in Thailand

In the News
Kris Hartley

Kris Hartley discusses public participation in Thailand's policymaking.

Global Politics

What the Geopolitics of the EU-China Deal Mean for Biden

Deep Dish Podcast

Wendy Cutler and Noah Barkin join Brian Hanson to examine how the new investment deal will influence US foreign policy.

The European Union and Chinese flags
Global Politics

How a Biden Infrastructure Reboot can Power Midwest’s Economic Recovery

In the News
Chicago Tribune
Multiple Experts

If Biden and a new Congress deliver a long overdue (and now urgent) infrastructure agenda focused on sustainability, equity and a clean energy future for the United States, it can both reinvigorate the Midwest and support national economic growth.

Dayton, Ohio in the summer
Hans Jurgen
Global Cities

How Joe Biden Can Restore America’s Standing Abroad

In the News
The National Interest
Paul Heer

Before the United States can reliably rebuild its international power and influence, it must heal itself by getting COVID under control, reviving economic prosperity, and moving beyond the bitterly divided politics of the Trump presidency.

President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden at the Washington Monument
Global Politics

The Strategic Implications of the China-EU Investment Deal

In the News
The Diplomat
Theresa Fallon

The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment is a win for China, and a blow to transatlantic relations.

China and Eu flags
Marco Verch
Global Politics

Deep Dish Podcast Explains What to Watch for in 2021

Global Insight by Brian Hanson

Many of the challenges the world faced in 2020 will continue to shape our world next year.

Washington Monument at sunrise
Ji Pak

How to (Finally) Defeat Populism

In the News
Foreign Policy
Multiple Experts

Rust Belts exist around the world, and integrating them into the larger trans-Atlantic community is key to political stability.

Railway workers in Iran
Javad Esmaeili
Global Politics

Real Estate Weighs on Moon's Approval Rate

Running Numbers by Multiple Authors

Karl Friedhoff examines South Korea's President Moon Jae-in's administration and the real estate issues, including high rental costs in Seoul, that have led to a high disapproval rating.

President Moon Jae-in speaks during a press conference.
Jeon Han
Global Economy, Trade and Business

Secure US Supply Chains With Allies, and Move Out of China

In the News
Multiple Experts

The Biden Administration should focus on "ally-shoring" to rebuild supply chains and box out actors like China and Russia.

shipping containers stacked together
Global Economy, Trade and Business