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Post-Pandemic Travel and Tourism: How Has Travel Shaped Your Worldview?

Global Insight by Madeleine Nicholson

With countries locking down and opening up and locking down again, it has become especially hard to anticipate if and how we can move—now and in the future.

View of a sunset from an airplane window.
Eva Darron

The 2020s and the Rebuilding of America

Deep Dish Podcast

George Friedman joins Deep Dish to examine the cycles of upheaval that have rebuilt American life in the past and explains why he's still optimistic about the future.

New York City skyline from across the river

America First vs. Spider-Man — A Debate on Supporting Pro-Democracy Protests

Deep Dish Podcast

Rochelle Terman and Paul Poast join Deep Dish to debate the two competing options for prodemocracy movements - "America first" and "Spider-Man."

Police officers escort man dressed as Spiderman away after he installed banner in front of big screen in central Hong Kong.
Global Politics

Europe: Destined for Conflict

Video Series
Event Replays

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Stratfor founder and CEO George Friedman presents a discussion on the emerging crisis in Europe.

Global Economy, Trade and Business