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The Global Energy Future: Economics, Climate, and Security


The Chicago and the World Forum 2007 Spring Series featured leading experts examining the economic, environmental, geopolitical, and security aspects of global energy.

Energy , Security, and the Long War of the 21st Century - March 15, 2007
R. James Woolsey, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton; former Director of Central Intelligence

The Global Energy Race: Meeting the World's Energy Crises - April 10. 2007
E. Spencer Abraham, Chairman and CEO, The Abraham Group; former U.S. Secretary of Energy

The Challenge of the 21st Century: Can We Find a Path to Both Climate and Energy Stability? - May 22, 2007
Peter C. Goldmark, Director, Climate and Air Program, Environmental Defense; Former Chairman and CEO, International Herald Tribune; former President, Rockefeller Foundation

Kilowatts, Carbon, and Competition: The Challenge of Global Markets and Climate - June 6, 2007
John Rowe, Chariman, President, and CEO, Exelon Corporation

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