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Task Force, Study, and Conference Reports


The Chicago Council brings together diverse experts and stakeholders for wide-ranging discussions on global topics of importance to the Midwest and the nation. Resulting reports and recommendations contribute insights and perspectives from Chicago and the Midwest to the formation of opinion and policies. In choosing topics, the Council is guided by extensive consultations and elaborate planning efforts. When assembling the groups, the Council ensures they include diverse backgrounds and perspectives. In the end, the findings and recommendations are those of the groups alone – usually in hard-won consensus – not those of The Chicago Council.

At NAFTA’s Platinum Anniversary: American Attitudes toward Cross-Border TiesAt NAFTA’s Platinum Anniversary: American Attitudes toward Cross-Border Ties3/24/2014 

Germany’s Energy TransitionGermany’s Energy Transition Report3/12/2014 

Survey Findings: Mexicans and Americans Want Focus on Security, Understand Importance of TradeSurvey Findings: Mexicans and Americans Want Focus on Security, Understand Importance of Trade2/14/2014 

Business Leaders on Immigration: The View from the MidwestBusiness Leaders on Immigration: The View from the Midwest2/3/2014 

Frontiers of Economic IntegrationFrontiers of Economic Integration, Conference Report1/13/2014 

2013 Leadership Study Mission to TurkeyTrip Report5/21/2013 

US Economic Competitiveness at Risk: A Midwest Call to Action on Immigration ReformTask Force Report2/28/2013 

Foreign Direct Investment: Globalizing Chicago’s Economic Development PlansStudy Group9/10/2012 

Rising Powers and a New Emerging OrderWorking Paper9/5/2012 

Searching for Strategies to Restore Global Economic Stability and GrowthConference Report6/15/2012 

Smart Defense and the Future of NATOConference Report5/14/2012 

U.S.-Canada Energy Trade: A Critical Strategic RelationshipConference Report12/14/2011 

The Transatlantic Alliance in a Multipolar WorldReport and Expert Papers11/17/2010 

Engaging Religious Communities Abroad: A New Imperative for U.S. Foreign PolicyTask Force Report2/23/2010 

The Financial Crisis and Soft Power in AsiaConference Report11/13/2009 

Embracing the Future: The Midwest and a New National Energy PolicyTask Force Report6/8/2009 

2009 Leadership Study Mission to the GulfTrip Report3/2/2009 

The Responsibility to Protect and the International Criminal Court: America’s New PrioritiesConference Report12/7/2007 

Strengthening America: The Civic and Political Integration of Muslim AmericansTask Force Report6/26/2007 

Migration and Migrant Integration in the Atlantic RegionConference Report3/24/2007 

The Responsibility to Protect: A Strategy for Engaging AmericaConference Report11/17/2006 

Muslim Communities in Domestic and Foreign Policymaking in the United States and United KingdomChicago-Birmingham Dialogue Report11/6/2006 

Engaging China and India: An Economic Agenda for Japan and the United StatesStudy Group Report10/3/2006 

Modernizing America's Food and Farm Policy: Vision for a New DirectionTask Force Report9/27/2006 

Keeping the Promise: Immigration Proposals from the HeartlandTask Force Report6/4/2004 

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